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The Louisiana Meat Processors Association is a non-profit trade association promoting meat, the meat industry and all Louisiana products. LAMPA strives to address the interest of our members, gather and disseminate information of common interest to them, and coordinate with other business groups to seek reasonable legislative opportunities while working to prevent legislation that is deemed detrimental to business.


In 1985, several meat processors joined forces to amend the state bid preference law to include meat processors. Coming together from across the state for the first time, these companies were successful in working with the LA Dept. of Agriculture and Forestry to gain a bid preference for Louisiana meat processors. That law was amended to allow a seven percent bid preference for livestock slaughtered in Louisiana and four percent for meat products processed in Louisiana.

The success of that project led to the incorporation of LMIA as a non-profit organization in March, 1986. In later years, the organization’s name was changed to LAMPA.


The primary purpose of LAMPA is promotion of meat, the meat industry, and all Louisiana products.

Other goals are:

  • Address promotion, marketing and transportation.
  • Support educational, promotional and marketing opportunities for the industry.
  • Coordinate efforts to improve standards of member products.
  • Gather and disseminate information of common interest to members.